Contestant Eligibility

  1. The contestant(s) must be willing to only sing gospel song. This is a bible based Christian show.

  2. The acceptable age range for participants is between fifteen and forty years (15-40 years).

  3. Contestant should be a Nigerian or must be legally resident in Nigeria for at least 3 years.

  4. Participants must not have a current talent or admission contract with an entertainment agency or company

  5. A recorded professional gospel artist cannot register.

  6. Participants must be able to sing. This is a gospel music show, not a dance or art show. Please note.

How to Apply

  • GO to the website jiagms.com

  • Click your desired registration Single or Group.

  • Fill the form.

  • Pay your registration fee online.

(Please note that all payments are made online using the links on this website. Do not pay individuals or groups of people for whom the JIA Gospel Music program is not responsible for fraudulent payments.)

  • Agree to the Policy .