Stage one: Auditions

There would be four days of auditions where each contestant would have to sing in front of the judges and receive a grade for their performance. You would be notified of your audition day after registration via your email address and the number of the telephone provided. During the auditions you only have to sing on stage for a minute. Your style, flow and the arrangement of the song are your prerogative. You can only sing a song recorded by a preferred artist of your choice. This would help the judges evaluate your performance. Please Note if you miss your audition day you would be disqualified from the competition.

Please note that the date and place of the audition will be communicated to you after registration.

Stage two: Elimination

After the auditions, 150 participants would reach this stage (group or individual), those participants would go through another singing round and the judges would make a final elimination according to the set requirements and standards. six to ten (6-10) Participants would be selected to advance to the finals.

Stage Three: Grand Finale

This is the final night of the competition where the best of the best are presented in front of the judges and an audience. The last night will also be a musical performance with a special musical performance by a professional gospel artist. The winners will be announced on that day and given its price; We would only have the positions of first, first finalist and second finalist..

Please note that a paid ticket is required to enter the final night. Tickets are available before the last night.